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Pretty and Potent: 24K Gold Skin Care

From serums to oils, masks, and more, this luxurious ingredient has exploded onto the aesthetic scene. There seem to be endless ingredients promising youthful and glowy skin, but 24K gold skin care truly lives up to the hype.

What are the benefits of 24K Gold skin care? 24K gold skin care is a new golden standard in skin care and here are PFAM's 5 reasons to include this ingredient in your lineup:

Reduces Inflammation

24K Gold Skin Care Reduces Inflammation

Gold is an antioxidant known to reduce inflammation related to acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and even melasma. The soothing and healing impact of gold can also improve downtime and tenderness following treatments like CO2 laser and microneedling. This is in part due to the rich antioxidants in 24K gold that improve blood circulation just beneath the skin. The skin’s ability to heal things like acne and hyperpigmentation, as well as healing from treatments like laser and microneedling, is within the blood. So as circulation is stimulated by 24K gold skin care, the skin has access to growth factors that repair skin cells.

The anti-inflammatory properties of gold are so potent in fact that gold is used as an effective pain management treatment for arthritis, joint pain, and related diseases. When used in skincare, this ingredient provides the same calming effect so the skin feels healthy (we’re all about the feel good at PFAM!), which in turn is expressed through an external healthy glow.

Reduces Signs of Stress and Aging

24K Gold Skin Care Reduces Signs of Stress and Aging

Free radicals, cell damage, fine lines, and loss of volume are all a part of aging skin. As an antioxidant, gold naturally protects against breakdown of the skin while also stimulating collagen for more firm, plump, and smoother texture.

In the same way already described, 24K gold stimulates blood flow and presence of growth factors. That helps to heal and calm the skin, and it also helps to prevent and even replace lost volume due to aging and environmental stress. 24K gold skin care provides a collagen boost so that skin is strong and more youthful.

Creates Protective Barrier

24K Gold Skin Care Creates a Protective Barrier

Even if you use the best skincare, you are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants and toxins that can wreak havoc on the skin. Gold reinforces the skin’s natural barrier to keep pores clean and moisture balanced for more soft and supple skin.

Having a healthy skin barrier is largely determined by the balance of moisture and oil in the skin. Because 24K gold is naturally hydrating in a way that mimics the skin barrier, it makes the skin stronger and more resilient in the presence of environmental factors. For this reason, 24k gold skin care is a powerful preventative ingredient to maintain your natural, youthful glow.

Boosts Your Perfect Glow

24K Gold Skin Care Boosts Your Perfect Glow

The gold-infused glow is real. We already know that gold nanoparticles are proven to increase circulation beneath the skin. Another benefit to this is enhanced skin tone. With increased blood flow to the face, there is a soft and radiant glow. But also as the skin becomes healthier and less inflamed (for all the reasons already discussed above) skin tone becomes more even and bright.

Add to this the boost in collagen and elasticity…yeah we can’t get enough of the golden glow! The Gold Treatment is our go-to for this exact boost ahead of special events or on days when the skin is deserving of a little extra TLC. This ultimate line-smoothing, collagen-stimulating sheet mask leaves your skin nourished and radiant.

Enhances Entire Lineup

24K Gold Enhances Entire Skin Care Lineup

The addition of 24K Gold skin care to your lineup will make your whole skincare lineup work harder. Gold allows other products to more effectively penetrate the skin, making it a great layering partner for your existing actives.

With a lightweight serum like The One, 24K gold is introduced early in the lineup so that heavy hitters like Perfect Change Serum can have deeper impact and better results with less irritation. When active ingredients like retinol are being used, 24K gold’s soothing properties limit sensitivity for a much more comfortable experience.

Get With The Gold Standard of 24K Gold Skin Care 

The healing properties of 24K gold skin care are certainly visible: skin becomes brighter, smoother, and stronger. Just as important is how healthy 24K gold makes the skin feel. This is one of those ingredients that boosts my confidence and makes me love my skin that much more. I would go as far as to say, everytime I use 24K gold skin care products, I am actively ‘loving my perfect.’

And that’s what I ultimately want for you too.

Dr. Zoe

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