About Us

Welcome To PRFCT!

There is more to PRFCT than show-stopping skin (although we love that part)! My practice and skincare is rooted in a passion for helping you be your most confident, empowered self. I truly believe in the powerful effect of putting your best self forward:  When we feel our best,  a ripple effect of positivity transcends to other aspects of our lives.  Whether you choose skincare, treatments, or wellness services (or a combination - this is the sweet spot!) 

I've carefully selected a best-in-class team with whom I trust with my own skin and wellness. Together, we will make your dreams a reality - because ultimately, the best glow comes from feeling good within - and that’s the basis for our mantra, Love Your Perfect.

My path to starting this business was serendipitous, and dare I say, PRFCT. My background as a Stanford-trained, former active-duty anesthesiologist in the Navy lends itself to the precision and technical skill required of effective aesthetic services. My medical training has also inspired me to bring forth clean, simple, results-driven skincare that truly holds a piece of my heart. When we combine the two, we create skin-transforming magic. We believe in raising your vibe, both inside and out.. Welcome to PRFCT!

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About Our Team

At PRFCT our work starts with a very important belief - we are already full of perfect. When we start here, aesthetic medicine and wellness tweaks can elevate what we already love, and truly help us feel (and look) our best. Our best-in-class medically trained team of providers share and honor this belief with each and every client (who we really consider family) by tailoring the journey to individual desires, budget, comfort, with the ultimate goal of a natural and perfect outcome. It is from this approach that we’ve derived the PRFCT mantra you’ll hear from us often and hopefully practice yourself, ‘Love Your Perfect.’

Our Providers

Dr. Zoe Rafaat
Meet Zoe Rafaat, MD
Combining scientific precision with her creative skill, Dr. Zoe delivers facial rejuvenation results to reveal each client’s unique perfect.
Meet Lexie Ewers, NP
Lexie’s passion for natural looking results pairs brilliantly with her precise approach and skincare knowledge, allowing her to marry her unique background in medicine to make every client’s journey a (skin) dream come true.
Samantha Wcislo, Esthetician
Samantha, a trained and licensed Professional Esthetician as a Forbes Five Star provider, is passionate about empowering her clients to celebrate life and take care of themselves, providing the best facials and skincare education in a luxurious, personalized environment.

Our Team

Nassim Sarraf
COO & VP Marketing
Favorite Mantra: All things are possible until proven impossible.
Goldie Graham
Head of Talent & Organizational Ops
Favorite Mantra: Behavior follows mood.
Dana Smith
Front Office Manager + Client Care Team
Favorite Mantra: Create your own sunshine.
Kelly Duckworth
Client Care Team
Favorite Mantra: Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching!
Morgan Lemersal
Practice Manager
Favorite Mantra: Choose your hard.

Our Promises To You


Our passion is our Craft

We are artists. We use science and chemistry as our palettes. We use cutting edge devices and injectables as our brushes. Faces are our canvases.


You’re a member of our Family

Anyone who walks into our office is more than a customer - they become part of our PFAMily. The treatments we offer are those loved in our own households, and the skincare products are those we use ourselves.


We treat our clients with Integrity

At PRFCT, our services are an experience that are tailored to the needs of each individual; by listening carefully to our PFAMily we ensure that they receive exactly what they want. Nothing more is pushed, and there are no secrets. Our relationship finds its foundation in transparency and trust.