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Wellness starts on the inside. And while inner wellness creates the external glow we love, it also improves performance, mental clarity, immune function, anti-inflammatory response, and so much more. Perfect IVs (IV therapy) were created to deliver vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants at a cellular level, allowing our most foundational health to be at its best.

This science-backed treatment involves painless placement of an IV, and administration of intravenous hydration combined with custom ingredients for your health needs and goals. Our providers will assist you in choosing an IV combination from our full menu to best support your wellness and get you glowing from the inside out.

You can choose one of our formulated Perfect IV options or customize your own from the bag up using the Boosts Menu! Our 6 pack option gives you buy 5 get 1 free pricing. See our full IV menu and Boosts here.

Menu of IV Therapy 

The Perfect Wellness IV is a blend of a balanced electrolyte solution and our own Perfect Micronutrient Blend (PMB), bolstered by the inclusion of zinc, which is essential to many enzymatic processes involved in fighting infection. The Perfect Micronutrient Blend combines therapeutic doses of vitamin C, B12, and B complex in addition to calcium and magnesium. This is the perfect option for boosting your natural immune health and promoting overall wellness in your body.

$175 // 6 pack $875

The Perfect Energy IV is a blend of balanced electrolyte solution, our own Perfect Micronutrient Blend (PMB) and L-carnitine. Much like a Myer’s cocktail is used to treat many chronic conditions, this blend can be effective in treating lingering fatigue, sustained depression, and recurring migraines. The inclusion of L-carnitine also makes this IV treatment effective in improving athletic performance, as this ingredient is essential for the metabolism of fat into energy, and supplemental doses can help optimize this process.

$165 // 6 pack $825

The Perfect Beauty IV is a blend that combines vitamins C, B complex, Biotin, Zinc and Glutathione. This blend will support and encourage collagen production and ensure optimal function of the body’s main antioxidant system. A perfect compliment to many of our skin services, this treatment’s collagen boosting function supports tightening, brightening, and thickening of the skin. These ingredients also boost results of hair restoration services through cellular repair and encouraging growth factors.

$150 // 6 pack $825

The Perfect Morning After IV is the best treatment following a long night out, after which your body usually requires judicious hydration to get back to feeling normal. We supply this in the form of 1L of a balanced electrolyte solution, with additions of prescription medications toradol and zofran to treat the often accompanying headache and nausea. This treatment supports the liver in its natural detoxification process with the addition of glutathione, the body’s primary antioxidant. Our Perfect Micronutrient Blend and the inclusion of magnesium rounds out this cocktail to get you functioning like normal, feeling like yourself, and saying goodbye to the morning after body aches.

$185 // 6 pack $925

Coming in for treatment at our San Diego office, or have more questions? See Perfect IVs Pre- and Post-Treatment Information.