PRFCT Facials

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A New Era of Skin and Spirit Wellness Begins Here.

A carefully curated set of individualized facials that combine science-based protocols with unique modalities to recharge your mind, skin, and spirit.
Enhance your aesthetic treatment results and bring balance to the mind and body. Ideal for boosting results and accelerating the healing process before and after advanced treatments. Anti-inflammatory benefits restore the normal physiology of your skin's overall health, and prime skin for better absorption of skincare products, while improving makeup application.

Your esthetician will implement products and techniques designed specifically for your skin’s needs, so you can relax knowing your skin is getting what it needs to achieve an optimal state of health.

The PRFCT Facial 

An indulgent and individualized treatment to recharge your skin, and spirit. Perfect pre or post aesthetic treatments for optimal skin results.

Innovative modalities converge with transforming relaxation techniques to revitalize the skin, revealing a radiant and youthful complexion. This individualized treatment begins with analyzing the skin before you embark on a relaxing journey that will leave you with a perfect canvas, and a rejuvenated spirit.

Intentional applications of medical grade products will be used to exfoliate, nourish and stimulate collagen and elasticity. This decadent facial also includes neck, shoulder, and scalp massage in addition to Gua Sha techniques (a facial massage used to sculpt and tighten, while alleviating skin impurities). Renew with custom treatments, exclusive masks or peels from thoughtfully curated product lines, for brighter and more luminous, plump skin.

The perfect indulgent treat for optimizing your skin health in between treatments, an upcoming event, or simply a leveled-up glow. Intentional massage techniques make this unique facial a whole body experience. Your skin will feel balanced and nourished while you’ll leave feeling refreshed, renewed and restored.
50 Minutes $195
80 Minutes $255

*Schedule at least one week prior and no sooner than two weeks after advanced treatments. All facials are designed to support and enhance results of advanced aesthetic treatments such as before and after chemical peels, lasers, microneedling and resurfacing procedures - where applicable. Consult with your provider for ultimate planning.

The PRFCT Gentleman's Facial

Carefully curated for HIM, this unique facial journey converges skin restoration with relaxation.

This facial is designed to promote a perfect canvas for men’s skin that tends to be thicker, and generally less pampered. This treatment will improve skin health by starting with an individualized assessment to address skin concerns including lines, acne, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, aging and dullness. Custom blended exfoliating agents and masks are then applied - coupled with hot towels, and steam. Added perks such as neck, chest, shoulders, scalp massage makes this facial feel decadent, yet powerful.

This rejuvenating, yet results-driven facial, is the perfect treat to incorporate into a monthly routine, to help repair the environmental impacts on the skin and restore a nourished and youthful complexion.
*Includes a complimentary nose wax upon request.
50 Minutes $195
80 Minutes $255

Dermaplane Micro Facial

An express dermaplaning-centered facial.

Ideal for a quick skin refreshment, this micro facial includes a deep cleanse, light exfoliation, and expert dermaplaning to remove unwanted “peach fuzz”. Finish with a nourishing application of antioxidants, luxe hydrating serum and antimicrobial peptides.

This non-invasive skin treatment employs a surgical blade that gently exfoliates the outermost layer of dead skin cells and fine facial hair. Skin is left feeling smooth, looking glassy, and revealing the perfect canvas for makeup…or no makeup!
30 minutes $125

The 'Not from TikTok' Teen Facial 

Say goodbye to the gamut of bad Tik Tok advice, and say hello to a healthy habit that results in beautiful, naked skin.

This facial is curated for teens who aspire to healthy glowing skin. Professional modalities are used to restore balance, leaving a perfect canvas for the “no makeup look”. This treatment covers all of the bases with custom masks and gentle exfoliation concoctions used to clarify and balance. Coupled with real education about healthy skin for life - instead of misinformation from TikTok.

For those suffering from acne or inflammation, a focused Blue LightStim™ treatment is incorporated. Extra perks include a relaxing and intentional massage to round out this cultivating beginner facial. Receive curated education, and professional product guidance for healthy skin choices to perfect your daily routine.
50 Minutes $175

Facial Enhancements 

These additional services may be added to your facial

Hand Exfoliation - $25 
Resurface and nourish the hands with this revitalizing exfoliating treatment, and hydrating massage.

Himalayan Salt Stone - $40
Soothe tension and stress with gently warmed Himalayan salt stones. Indulge in grounding and balancing massage techniques to the central nervous system.

LightStim Therapy - $55
A sophisticated LED therapy, red and blue MultiWave Patented Technology emits multiple wavelengths of light simultaneously to penetrate the skin for optimized results. Red light uses rejuvenating wavelengths to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and aid in recapturing a plump, more youthful complexion. Blue light wavelengths aid in treating mild to moderate acne, calm existing breakouts and restore your skin’s healthy appearance.

Dermaplane - $85
Reveal your brightest, smoothest complexion. This modality is used to exfoliate and remove fine hairs to reveal a glassy finish using a surgical blade. This service must be requested at time of booking.

Nose Wax - $20  (may be booked alone)
Results can last up to 4 weeks. Use of hard wax makes this quick treatment almost painless. 

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