AquaGold Microchanneling Super Facial

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AquaGold uses patented micro-channeling technology to painlessly deliver comprehensive skin treatments directly into the skin’s dermal (second) layer at the ideal depth for maximum effect.

As a painless alternative to microneedling, AquaGold utilizes a sterile, gold micro-needler with a reservoir to infuse a customized treatment cocktail solution underneath the skin’s surface. Depending on the specific AquaGold cocktail, we can treat the following skin concerns on the face (including the entire eye area), neck and chest:

  • Acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Dilated pores
  • Oily Skin
  • Rosacea and redness from sensitive skin

Rather than requiring multiple procedures, AquaGold’s customized contents can address various skin concerns sometimes in a singular session. Ingredients can include:

  • Botox to shrink pores, reduce fine lines, decrease oil production, and improve redness from Rosacea
  • Juvederm filler to improve acne scarring and increase skin plumpness
  • Vitamins such as vitamin C, B and/or E to improve collagen production, brighten skin and combat dullness
  • Hyaluronic Acid/Gel to smooth, hydrate and nourish the skin

How It Works

AquaGold treatments are administered through a small glass vial attached to a series of twenty hollow needles smaller than a follicle of hair. These needles are hollow so that they can transport the vial’s content directly into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth. With each ‘stamp’ of the vial, the cocktail gets pushed in at the dermal layer of the skin. Each needle is coated in 24-carat gold, minimizing the risk for irritation or allergic reactions.

What To Expect

The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. No anesthetic is typically required, but can be applied for added comfort.

Following the treatment, you may experience some pink to red skin for a few hours, but that’s really it! You should remain clean skinned for 6 hours following the treatment, and refrain from exercise for 24 hours.

You will begin to see significant visual improvements, including a radiant, hydrated and more plump appearance, 1-7 days after your AquaGold treatment. Results can last 2-3 months depending on your tailored cocktail solution. Essentially zero downtime means that our AquaGold Super Facial is ideal for creating that airbrushed look just in time for your special event.

AquaGold is not a substitute for standard Botox injectable treatments used to treat dynamic wrinkles. AquaGold has no effect on movement or muscle relaxation since we are only using micro-doses of Botox at the dermal level.

San Diego super mama and lifestyle blogger, Lisa Allen, was in recently for her second AquaGold treatment with Dr. Zoe. Along with the typical botox and filler combination, we also used platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in her AquaGold cocktail. Lisa’s recent blog post describes her experience at PRFCT and why AquaGold is now her absolutely favorite treatment.

Note: Utilizing Botox at the dermal level rather than the muscular level is an off-label usage of Botox that has not yet been FDA-approved.


Standard Customized Aquagold Microchanneling $650
Customized with PRP Aquagold Microchanneling $1050


Boosters available to Aquagold Microchanneling are:

PRP, platelet rich plasma, to enhance results and stimulate new collagen ($1050 total treatment)

Afterglo™, our newest skin quality booster, is a highly specialized hyaluronic serum infused with micronized (powder) form of PDO threads. One treatment with Afterglo™ has the equivalent collagen stimulating power of 100s of smooth PDO threads placed under the skin. Using this in your Aquagold cocktail will provide additional deep hydration to the skin, a Filter In a Bottle effect™, and long lasting collagen stimulating effects from the micronized thread powder. ($750 total treatment)

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