The One

A "do it all" serum that combines soothing hydration with gentle resurfacing to reveal healthy, naturally glowing skin.

The One
The One

The One

A "do it all" serum that combines soothing hydration with gentle resurfacing to reveal healthy, naturally glowing skin.

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Treat your skin to the powerhouse of all serums. The One Serum is a "do it all" clean formula that works to hydrate, reverse signs of aging, and protect the skin with exclusive Snail Mucin Growth Factor (a peptide extracted from snail secretions) paired with 24K Gold. It’s antibacterial properties also make this our secret for clear skin during these acne-inducing, mask wearing days. 

There's more than a few reasons why this serum is "the one." 

  • Eliminate the need for multiple serums that separately target hydration, brightening, and anti-aging. 
  • The One Serum is a groundbreaking all-in-one skin multitasker with active ingredients, 24K Gold Leaf and Snail Mucin Growth Factor.  
  • Snail mucin has naturally occurring hyaluronic and glycolic acids that hydrate and resurface (hyaluronic acids of snail mucin have smaller molecules that easily penetrate the skin).
  • Provides comfort and healing in between retinol applications or resurfacing treatments.
  • The same active ingredients that help a snail fight off UV rays and free radicals work to smooth-out wrinkles, heal scars, and result in even-textured, hydrated, dewy skin.
  • Antioxidant properties of 24K Gold Leaf activate base cells, increase cell turnover, and over time evens-out fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • A powerful weapon against breakouts caused by bacteria, glycoprotein enzymes reinforce skin barrier while copper peptides of 24K gold leaf antimicrobials reduce acne and hyperpigmentation. The secret to clear skin during these mask-wearing days.
  • Gold ions fight free radicals and remove dryness by accelerating metabolic reactions in the skin.
  • Clean skincare safe for pregnancy and beyond.

The One is also available as a mini, so you can jet set with your perfect skincare in tow or try this PFAM favorite serum for the first time. 

Elevate your results and save 10% when you purchase The One with Perfect Change Serum in our Perfect Match Made In Heaven lineup. These two pair so well, it’s almost like they were made for each other. Powerful resurfacing combined with deep hydration… it’s the glow we all deserve!

This product does not contain actual snails or snail parts.

Set the stage with skincare that goes deep. I recommend this incredible serum as a primary layer of any skincare regimen. The active combination of ingredients (gold leaf and snail mucin growth factor) have a host of benefits that, until now, have required several serums. I love the immediate comfort and hydration it provides, and with regular use, skin will be more supple, even-toned, and resilient due to a boost in natural collagen production. 

The layerability of this incredible formula is also a big draw for my clients targeting specific concerns such as acne and hyperpigmentation. Be sure to tag team this ultimate feel-good formula with your retinol (our favorites are Perfect Change and Liquid Gold) or any skin resurfacing treatment. You’ll find it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties to be a welcome relief that will help you get through those adjusting days when your skin may need some extra TLC, while at the same time amping up collagen stimulation and cell-turnover. A true gold standard for perfect skin.

Directions for all skin types: 

  • Use morning and night. For immediate comfort and powerful results, apply a thin layer to the neck and decolletage. Follow with your normal skincare routine.
  • The One Serum may be paired with almost any active skincare treatment. Always follow the rule “thinnest to thickest”
    • Apply after lighter formulas such as those used for hyperpigmentation, acne, etc.  (such as our X5 Serum or Perfect Tone Pads)
    • Apply prior to Perfect Change Serum or other retinol cream or serum.

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