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Wedding Beauty: Welcome to the Wedding Skin Boot Camp

One of my favorite things about aesthetic medicine is that the results are just so damn satisfying! And not many skin transformations are more rewarding than getting a bride (or groom) ready for the big day.

My heart is especially with couples getting married or planning a wedding with the noise of 2020 in the background. Dates have been moved, parties have been cancelled, and there are a lot of questions hanging in the air. And while I can’t change any of that, I can take the questions out of one part of the wedding day...getting radiant and glowing skin!

Welcome to Wedding Skin Boot Camp

I call it wedding skin boot camp because it’s a thoughtfully planned process on my part, paired with intentional actions on your part, that will lead to amazing wedding beauty and aesthetic transformations. The rewards for your efforts will be great, so let’s hop right in!

Wedding Beauty: Microneedling and Aquagold

If you were to ask me my favorite pre-wedding treatment, these two would be it. Microneedling stimulates the skin’s ability to heal itself, activating collagen and elastin production that in turn tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing pores, stretch marks, crepey skin, and acne scarring.

We have a whole blog diving deeper into all the details on this treatment. Keep in mind, the microneedling glow comes after the healing process. This gives the skin time to actually transform with the increased levels of elastin and collagen now present. Downtime for daily life is pretty minimal, but ideal timing for a wedding is 3-4 weeks prior to the big day.

Microneedling Before Your Wedding


If you prefer ZERO downtime, then AquaGold is the wedding prep treatment for you. AquaGold is an alternative to microneedling that uses micro-channeling technology to deliver a custom cocktail of ingredients into the dermal layer of your skin.

An AquaGold Facial could include botox to shrink pores and improve fine lines, dermal filler to plump and hydrate the skin, natural vitamins for brightening and increased collagen production, and hyaluronic acid to deeply nourish and moisturize.

Results from this treatment take 1-2 weeks to settle in and last for a couple of months on average. Some mild redness can be expected after the procedure but that goes away within a few hours at most. It really is a zero downtime treatment!

Wedding Beauty: Acne Lineup

Clearing up acne can be a huge struggle for many people, and I get it because I’ve been there myself. You deserve clear skin for your big day, and this is what I’ve found to work the best: a combination of chemical peels and our PFAM Get Clear Lineup of skincare products.

Doing a chemical peel, or a series of peels, can help jumpstart a skin refresh by clearing up acne scarring, assisting with the healing of active breakouts, and restoring a youthful glow to the skin.

The Get Clear Lineup then helps to prolong your results, while also taking the healing to deeper levels of the skin by improving imbalances that cause acne in the first place. Chemical peels require at least a week of healing, and it would be optimal to plan for at least a few months of product use if possible to see best results.

Wedding Beauty: Glow Products

There are certain products and ingredients that are simply EVERYTHING when it comes to getting your glow back. I’ve placed these products together in the Let’s Glow Lineup.

This lineup contains the most potent and effective ingredients for improving skin tone, treating hyperpigmentation, and stubborn melasma. As with the Get Clear Lineup, give yourself enough time with these products before the wedding to let them do their amazing work!

Get that Wedding Day Glow

Some people, and I’ve been one of them, REALLY struggle with melasma and hyperpigmentation. For those that need some extra strength in creating even skin tone, I recommend our Perfect Tone Pads. These combine the botanical brighteners available in the Let’s Glow Lineup with prescription hydroquinone. If you think prescription treatment may be the way to go, schedule a free virtual consultation and let’s talk more about it!

Book a Free Virtual Consultation

And of Course... Pre-wedding Botox!

You didn’t really think I wasn’t going to mention botox, right?! As you can probably assume, I think botox is amazing for wedding prep because it’s quick, easy, and no downtime with absolutely stunning results. Botox will smooth and tighten the skin, leading you right to the wedding glow you were looking for. Optimal timing for wedding botox is 4-6 weeks beforehand. This gives the botox time to settle, and also gives us time to make touch ups if necessary to get you the exact look you want for the big day!


I’m already celebrating your love, your relationship, and your upcoming day. I want you to feel STUNNING when the day arrives. So much planning, preparation, and anticipation goes into a wedding, and getting married in 2020 has impacted all of that: planning around a pandemic, preparing for a day that may be different than what you originally imagined, and anticipating what else might change in the world around your wedding.

What I know is this, when you look back at your wedding pictures from 2020, your skin will glow and reflect the love you feel on the inside. You won’t see any evidence of what changed or didn’t go how you hoped, only the love that got you to that day. Together, let’s make your day, and your skin, perfect.

Look Perfect for that Special Day

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