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Summer Vacation Skincare: Travel-Friendly Treatments in San Diego

San Diego was ranked one of Forbes’ top cities in the U.S. earlier this year. Between the beaches, the nearby mountains, the city’s cultural history and all of the good food, it’s no wonder why the city was listed. So, who’s coming to visit?

In the spirit of all of the summer travel to San Diego, I compiled my top five travel-friendly PFAM treatments for anyone who is stopping by SoCal this season. These five treatments have minimal downtime and won’t cause you any increased sun sensitivity. It is summer after all! 

I can’t wait to meet all of the visitors (and I have a pretty new office to show you too)!


AquaGold Facial Near Me in San Diego

For the vacationer looking to pamper their skin with a luxe treatment, PFAM’s AquaGold Super Facial is the perfect all-in-one service that leaves the skin as radiant as the SoCal rays. You may miss one ocean-view drink while you indulge in the 30-minute treatment, but your skin will be receiving a cocktail of its own with AquaGold facial’s comprehensive treatment cocktail (with ingredients like Botox, Juvederm, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid) that gets pushed directly into the skin’s superficial layer for maximum effect.

The customized treatment is painlessly delivered through patented micro-channeling technology. AquaGold facial targets fine lines, crepey skin, sunken eyes, enlarged pores, rosacea, redness, acne scarring and dullness.

Rather than requiring multiple procedures, AquaGold facial can treat a variety of skin concerns on the face, neck and chest with nearly zero downtime, making it the perfect option for a vacation treatment.

San Diego super mama and lifestyle blogger, Lisa Allen, was in recently for her second AquaGold facial treatment. Check out Lisa's blog all about her experience and why she loves it with PRP. She's also done a write up The Best Family Guide to San Diego. If you know Lisa Allen, you know her recommendations are EVERYTHING!

Botox in La Jolla, San Diego, Southern California

Botox Near Me in San Diego

Sure, summertime and the living’s easy! But, between being a mom and aging...both the furrowed brows and the full smiles show up on my face. I know I’m not alone!

For the summer jetsetter looking to smooth out their wrinkles, Botox in our San Diego office is the ultimate solution. The simple fifteen-minute injection procedure yields unparalleled results when it comes to reducing lines and wrinkles on the face and leaving your skin looking smoother and younger.

All you need is a sprinkle of Botox before I send you off to watch a San Diego sunset on the beach - nearly zero downtime required, and the results speak for themselves!


RejuVAnate: Feminine Rejuvenation Near Me in San Diego

Indulging in some R&R in San Diego is sure to rejuvenate your soul this summer. PFAM’s feminine rejuvenation treatment is sure to rejuVAnate your femininity this summer.

The short, internal procedure (just 10-20 minutes) uses CO2 laser energy to treat conditions that result from hormonal changes, including stress urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy or dryness and/or pain or discomfort during sex. Feminine rejuvenation also addresses decreased vaginal sensation and general dissatisfaction with the area’s appearance. Compared to surgeries and topical hormone treatments, the CO2 laser treatment is gentle and painless (typically, no anesthetic required) and involves minimal downtime, so you can get back to that much-needed R&R as soon as possible - with a new sense of comfort, femininity and overall, quality of life.  


O-Shot™ Near Me in San Diego

For the sightseer who wants to spice things up, the O-Shot™ is the only way to go. Also known as the Orgasm Shot™, the O-shot uses plasma-rich platelet (PRP) therapy to treat female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and/or urinary incontinence by rejuvenating the sensations in both the woman’s clitoris and the G-Spot.

The O-Shot™ utilizes the regenerative powers contained within your own blood to revitalize the areas of sexual response in the vagina. Not only is the O-shot not painful, don’t worry, your vacation visions can still happen too.

Clients who receive the O-Shot™ can engage in sexual intercourse the same night as their treatment.


Perfect NutritIVes IV Therapy Near Me in San Diego

Vacation is the time to treat yourself! But, for those who had one too many on a warm summer night out in San Diego, the RestoratIVe Line of Perfect NutritIVes is the perfect IV therapy hangover heaven treatment.

The treatment involves the painless placement of an IV and the administration of a customized combination of hydration, antioxidants, minerals and prescription-only medications that are tailored to your needs.

In addition to our Perfect Morning After IV, which offers 1-2 L of a balanced electrolyte solution, toradol, zofran, glutathione and our Perfect Micronutrient Blend, PFAM offers a suite of alternate, customizable treatments, including the Perfect Hydration IV, the Perfect Energy IV, the Perfect Beauty IV and the Perfect Mood IV. These IVs offer ingredients like Vitamin B12, phosphatidyl choline and L-carnitine. Best of all: the replenishing IV therapy treatments require zero downtime! 

So, who’s ready to book? Maybe you want to do all 5? It can be done! I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Dr. Zoe

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