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Glow On: Doctor-Recommended Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care and Treatments

There’s a common phrase that many women will hear during pregnancy. “Oh my goodness, you’re absolutely glowing!” And oh, wouldn’t it be nice if that was a reference to beautiful glowing skin?

Now, some women may have skin that takes on a special glow while pregnant. Others (ahem me!) will experience hormonally-triggered melasma, acne, or dry and dull looking skin. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for sure. When you’re pregnant, your skin changes.

Alongside the surety that your skin is about to change, researching what products and treatments you can use during pregnancy may leave you a little less sure. In other words, there are many different opinions and practices around what is safe skin care for expecting mamas.

Hopefully I can clear up some of the confusion, because I’m very clear on where I stand when it comes to the questions of, “What skincare products can I use while I’m pregnant?” and, “What services are safe for my skin while expecting?”

If there’s enough room for doubt in the conversation of whether or not something is safe, my answer is wait until you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding. There is nothing more perfect than a safe and healthy baby and mama.

That being said, I know the frustration of skin changes during pregnancy as well as anyone. So, I’m here to walk you through your best options for caring for your changing skin and your growing babe.


Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care and Skin Treatments

What skin treatments are pregnancy safe?

PRF Injections — While the options for pregnant mamas may be limited, don’t underestimate the power of what you do have available. PRF injections simply target your skin with your body’s own healing properties, making it completely safe and transformative.

Starting with a blood draw, this treatment extracts and separates a matrix of healing, strengthening, collagen-boosting growth factors. The platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is then thoughtfully injected into areas of concern: crepey skin where volume has been lost, fine lines, dark under eye circles.

In this way, PRF can act as a pregnancy-safe alternative to treatments like filler and Botox.

Outside of pregnancy even, PRF has a reputation for providing a next level glow. That is because, in addition to subtle volume filling, tone improving, texturing refining properties, it also is simply making your skin healthier.

And when your skin is healthy, it glows.

PRF Injections while pregnant 

    What skin care products are pregnancy safe?

    Safe Mama Skincare Lineup — Don’t underestimate your daily skincare routine. I tell all my clients that daily skincare is perhaps the most important thing you can do for healthy and glowing skin, because the compound results of daily actions add up over time!

    Just as your skin changes during pregnancy, so should your daily skincare routine. It should change to reflect the new needs of your skin, and it should change to eliminate any ingredients unsafe for baby.

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends you shelve certain natural and synthetic ingredients while pregnant. With the right lineup up in place, your new skincare routine doesn’t have to be any less effective.

    Addressing two of the most common pregnancy skin concerns, our Safe Mama Let’s Glow and Safe Mama Get Clear lineups combat hyperpigmentation and acne triggered by changing hormones using ingredients that are 100% safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas.

    The glow is real and so is your peace of mind. For more information on pregnancy safe skincare, check out our Best Practices blog.


      Breastfeeding-Safe Skincare and Skin Treatments

      Is microneedling safe while breastfeeding?

      Microneedling — When it comes time to breastfeed, there’s some room for celebration! Some of our favorite treatments become safe to enjoy while you work on that baby-bounce-back glow!

      Similar to PRF injections, microneedling is a treatment that triggers your body’s own healing response to tighten, brighten, and smooth the skin.

      Traditional microneedling allows us to treat concerns at the surface of the skin, and radiofrequency microneedling (also safe for breastfeeding mamas) is a great option for more structural improvements to the skin.

      To amplify the already transformative results, combine microneedling with PRF for both full face rejuvenation and targeted improvements.


      Microneedling safe while breastfeeding


      AquaGold SuperFacial — No matter when you’re getting an AquaGold SuperFacial, part of its attraction is that it is fully customizable. That customization is exactly what makes it a treatment possible during breastfeeding!

        Done outside of pregnancy and breastfeeding, AquaGold often has a custom cocktail including small doses of Botox and filler. We may have to omit these ingredients while you’re still breastfeeding, but for a quick skin glow boost, we can make a cocktail of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and the ever so useful PRF.

        Using patented micro-channeling technology to painlessly deliver comprehensive skin treatments directly into the skin’s dermal (second) layer, these safe ingredients are applied at the ideal depth for maximum effect.


        Aquagold facial safe while breastfeeding


        RejuVAnate Feminine Rejuvenation — After growing and delivering a baby, your vaginal area has been through a lot and is more than deserving of some extra care.

          Using CO2 laser technology, a treatment proven to increase collagen, elastin, and blood flow, this therapeutic laser application is a popular alternative to treatments like estrogen creams, hormone replacement therapy and even surgery for the following concerns:

          • Stress urinary incontinence
          • Vaginal atrophy or dryness
          • Dyspareunia (pain or discomfort during sex)
          • Decreased vaginal sensation
          • General dissatisfaction with the area’s appearance

          While you’re still sitting out certain treatments during breastfeeding, use your time well to get glowing on all levels. RejuVAnate treatments use laser energy to produce small columns of microscopic damage in the soft tissue of vaginal and/or vulvar walls.

          The healing response stimulates collagen and thickens vaginal skin to increase lubrication and elasticity. The vaginal mucosa becomes more nourished and hydrated while the vaginal walls become thicker, more toned and elastic. 


          Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Skincare DON’Ts

          Can you get Botox while pregnant? Can you use retinol while pregnant? What about retinol while breastfeeding?

          While a Google search may turn up conflicting opinions, these are my list of skincare DON’Ts during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

          • No Botox
          • No Retinol
          • No Chemical Peels

          If you’ve spent any amount of time in this PFAMily, you know that Botox, Retinol, and chemical peels are truly some of our favorite things!. Don’t worry, they will all be here waiting for you at the end of your breastfeeding journey, and the patient waiting will make the results oh-so sweet!

          Mama, I see your glow. Changing skin during pregnancy is nothing we can’t handle together.

          With the right daily skincare, a few thoughtfully chosen treatments, and knowing that your baby is safe and loved, your pregnancy glow will be nothing short of the real deal.

          If you have questions about your pregnancy and breastfeeding skincare plans, book a consultation with one of our expert providers (who also double as the greatest cheerleaders through this transitional time!).

          You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

          Dr. Zoe

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