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More Than PFAM: Top Lifestyle Picks of 2021

Whether you follow Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine online to learn how you can care for your perfect skin, you treat your PFAM lineup as a cherished and skin-transforming daily ritual, or the PFAM office is your sacred place for feeling good and loving your perfect (and maybe you do all three!)…you are part of the PFAMily (pronounced family 😉).

As with any true PFAMily, there is so much more to our community than skincare, even if that is the shared passion that brought us together. And while I love sharing the best treatments for your skin dreams and the ideal way to layer your power packed PFAM products, there’s so much more for us to discuss! I want you to know what I swear by as a mama, entrepreneur, and 41 year young Cali girl. I want to connect on all things travel, lifestyle, fashion, motherhood and beyond.

More Than PFAM is a quarterly newsletter where I share just that. And these are some lifestyle picks that were especially loved among the PFAMily this year. Here are my 5 most popular More Than PFAM picks from 2021. Enjoy!

1. Dana Lou Swimwear

Dana Lou Swimwear

I discovered this handmade activewear brand a few years ago while visiting my hometown in Florida. Dana makes beautiful, custom yoga clothes but what I think she’s really mastered is the PERFECT CUT for a one piece bathing suit. I fell in love with this black cut out suit and no matter what I’ve bought since, nothing’s even compared to this one.

Because Dana hand sews all her clothing (and because everything she makes is really that good), availability of certain styles varies. But if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the Zoe Cut Out Suit (my favorite) or the Noel Reversible One Piece, consider yourself blessed with the perfect fit!

2. Zara Jeans

Zara Jeans

When I first found these jeans, I’ll be honest, I really wanted to keep them to myself. But they’re just too good not to share! The fit, the color, the vintage look and feel…and my Instagram DM’s blew up with questions about where these jeans were from. So the secret is out!

I love how they give off relaxed, cool-girl vibes while elevating any outfit to effortlessly stylish. If you come to see me at the office with any regularity, chances are you’ve seen me rocking this look (and for good reason!).

3.Eric Javits Squishee A List Packable Hat

Eric Javits

Anyone who loves More Than PFAM, and really anyone who knows me for that matter, knows I’m a sucker for a good hat. This pick from the summer edition of More Than PFAM is truly a must have for the summer season.

We all know the importance of protecting our beautiful skin and this simple, chic, functional hat will do exactly that while complimenting just about any outfit. And the reason it’s my absolute #1 for summer? Well of course it’s UPF50+ (and a super wide brim). This hat was designed for easy travel too.. It’s made with a special material that can be packed into any travel bag and springs back to its perfect shape when you arrive at your destination. Trust me, this is one of those hats you’ll have and love forever!

4.Drink Cann

Drink Cann

No artificial anything, no sugar overload, no gluten, no hangover! This drink is so good I rarely even dirnk wine anymore. It’s made with a blend of THC and CBD to give a social buzz without the ill effects of alcohol. Did I also mention low calorie? This is a zero guilt must! I was inspired to try CANN when I heard Gwenyth Paltrow had recently backed the company. She’s also an open supporter of Xeomin (a type of botulinum toxin), so I happen to trust her taste!

I love how this product is pushing the boundaries of wellness, turning social drinking into a true feel good experience. And of course you know I’m all about feeling good!

5.Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Eyewear

I have more than a few pairs of Blenders already, but I have such a soft spot for locally started brands like this one! And definitely a soft spot for these frames in particular. The shape is sleek, the color goes with my entire wardrobe, and they add the trendiest touch to any outfit.

The PFAMily loved these sunglasses too, and they’re definitely a pair I reach for again and again.

I hope you enjoyed these PFAM favorite lifestyle picks and feel inspired to bring a ‘love your perfect’ vibe into the new year. If you want to get the full More Than PFAM experience with fresh inspiration every quarter make sure you’re subscribed to receive our newsletter.

I feel grateful for you always, but especially this time of year, my heart is extra full of love for this perfect PFAMily.

Dr. Zoe

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