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Laser Hair Removal at PRFCT: FAQ's Answered

Sometimes, the more familiar a treatment is, the more misunderstanding there is around it. When there’s a ton of places that offer laser hair removal, all with different pricing structures, treatment recommendations, and technology, it can be overwhelming!

At PRFCT, we believe that this investment in yourself is worth understanding the nuances, and knowing that not all lasers are created equal. As a result, neither are the outcomes. Our latest in laser technology, and expert providers will ensure you get the most optimal results possible. And we’ll also make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident in your treatment. Here are some of your most commonly asked questions answered!


Q: What differentiates one laser hair removal experience from another?

A: From laser technology, to provider, and environment, no two laser hair removal treatments are created equal. At PRFCT, you’ll be treated with the gold standard of medical-grade lasers, Epilaze. This technology allows our extensively trained and experienced providers to combine a variety of laser wavelengths in order to customize treatments ranging from small areas of fine hair, up to large surface areas with thick growth. By tailoring your treatment, PRFCT laser hair removal stands apart because:

  • You’re treated for your unique skin and hair type, protecting your skin from unnecessary damage.
  • Hair removal is maximized for long term results so that you don’t have to keep coming back at regular intervals.
  • A chilled sapphire tip is used before, during, and after laser delivery to ensure your treatment involves little to no discomfort (truly!).

Plus you have the option of stacking up with other PRFCT treatments while you’re in the office (Botox, NAD+ IV, the options are endless 😉), making PRFCT laser hair removal a uniquely perfect experience.


Q: Is laser hair removal permanent?

A: No. There is no such thing as permanent hair removal. Maintenance treatments will always be required in order to maintain optimal results. In most cases, however, the reduction of hair from laser hair removal is permanent. Most remain hair free for years, and when hair does regrow, it will likely be much thinner, patchy, and significantly reduced in density. To stay free of hair, you may need anywhere from 1-3 maintenance laser treatments depending on your skin and hair type.


Q: Can you use laser hair removal on areas that not only have hair, but also acne? Will I break out after laser hair removal?

A: Laser hair removal can be done on several parts of the body that may have acne, such as the face and back. Laser hair removal can be done if there is acne present in the area. In fact, laser hair removal may even help to improve acne. Breakouts can happen on the face following treatment, especially after the first couple sessions when the hair is at its thickest. This effect will reduce dramatically after 2-3 sessions.


Q: Is laser hair removal safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

A: There are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. It is best to avoid laser hair removal during pregnancy because of the lack of information regarding safety. There are many hormonal changes immediately after pregnancy and with breastfeeding that often affect the skin and hair. For these reasons and in order to have the best results, we do advise to wait until you are done breastfeeding before beginning laser hair removal treatments.


Q: How much is laser hair removal? Is your pricing competitive?

A: PRFCT laser hair removal is the most efficient and effective route to removing hair, and is priced very competitively for the San Diego area. Beware of pricing and promotions that seem "too good to be true” because they often are. Always read the fine print, and be sure you are in the hands of a well-trained provider who understands how to customize your treatment based on your coloring and hair type (there is a science to it!) without additional risk to you or your precious skin. Explore our full pricing menu here.


“​​Laser hair removal is one of my favorite laser treatments for long term results that improve year over year! I started laser hair removal in my 20’s and am still seeing amazing results with minimal maintenance. I love being able to run out the door to meet friends at the beach or pool without having to worry if I shaved or missed a spot!”


To learn more about receiving laser hair removal in San Diego at our PRFCT office, explore our full service page. You can also learn more at our full FAQ page.

If you have any additional questions about this treatment, reach out to your PRFCT provider or schedule a consultation to create your perfect laser hair removal plan.



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