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It Was All Born from Family

My entire career has revolved around science and medicine. As a Stanford-trained anesthesiologist in the Navy, I wasn’t exactly getting to practice my creative side. And it wasn’t until discovering aesthetic medicine when I finally felt like I had that creative outlet. It’s a craft - helping people look and feel better by using precise and technical skills. It married a lot of my skill sets and passions.

Why the Perfect Face?

In September of 2011, I flew across the country to be by my sister’s side as she gave birth to her first baby. The experience was transcendent; I felt a bond immediately with my tiny new niece, and it affected me in a way I’d never felt. While I was taking photos of my sister and her new baby I was absolutely mesmerized by that tiny, perfect face. So innocent, beautiful and (mostly) content.

It was also September of 2011 when I decided to turn my passion into my career. As I contemplated the name of my practice, I was inspired by those photos of my niece. I was drawn to those pictures I took of my her- I could stare forever at her little perfect face! It quickly became clear, and Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine was born.

The Perfect Face

Family is Everything.

8 years later, it’s crazy seeing how far PFAM has come. But everything about PFAM has always been and still is inspired by my family (I mean, there’s a reason why it’s called the “PFAMily!”).

Family inspires my hours. You won’t see me at PFAM any early mornings or weekends. That’s my time for Karim, Arrow, and Bowie. That time is sacred to me - and it’s not always trips to LEGOLAND or adventures in Yosemite. Sometimes it’s just a beach day or playing at home. I do this for them, and I will never let my practice get in the way of my family.

It's not always epic adventures to Yosemite...

Family inspires my products. I never sell products or treatments I would not use myself or give to my family. In fact, many of my family members are regular clients! And whenever I’m adding a new procedure or product to my lineup, I always ask, “Would I let Karim use this? Would I administer this procedure to Goldie or Chelsea? Would I put this on Bowie or Arrow?”

Family inspires my space. If you’ve been to the new office, you know what I mean. The jump to move to this space was a big one, but I brought my family inspiration with me in a bigger way. I use this space as a reminder of why I decided to grow this practice. In fact every room is named after family members - you’ll see Bowie, Arrow, and yes, even the ‘perfect face’ herself, Liv Tova. The waiting room is even called the PFAMily room for you, my new family.

Bowie's Room

PFAM isn’t a “family-owned business,” per se. But family inspires every aspect of it. You’ll find that everyone who works at PFAM shares in those values.

Today, you and every one of my clients who walks through those doors is now a part of that family. And the moment that PFAM stops embodying those family values is a moment we’ll need to take time to reflect on what this was all for. Because at PFAM, family is everything.

Family is Everything

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