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Essentials for Summer Skincare: Vitamin C Serum

Everyone has heard of taking oral Vitamin C supplements for your health, right?

But, what about applying Vitamin C serum on your face and skin?

Topical Vitamin C is one of the oldest and most well-researched anti-aging ingredients. It is an all-around skincare powerhouse that has been one of my go-tos for years.

What does Vitamin C serum do?

Ever wonder what vitamin C serum does for your face and skin? There’s plenty of buzz around this powerhouse ingredient – here’s why:

  • Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that prevents compounds called ‘free radicals’ from damaging our skin. Free radicals are generated by chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Evidence suggests that the biggest environmental challenge to keeping our face and skin looking young and healthy is this form of damage.
  • Vitamin C prevents melanin production. This is the pigment that causes our skin to be uneven. Consistent use of a quality Vitamin C serum will therefore help to lighten and brighten the skin. (And it’s safe to use during pregnancy when melasma tends to creep in.)
  • Vitamin C stimulates healthy collagen production and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, making it great to use on your face!
  • Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that promotes wound healing, and improves the appearance of scars.

When to use Vitamin C serum? It’s a summertime essential!

I love soaking up the summer sun - safely. This is when Vitamin C serum becomes a particularly useful in my summer skincare routine because it helps protect my skin from damaging UV rays. Research from Duke University has proven that wearing a lotion or serum with Vitamins C + E everyday under your sunscreen provides four times the sun protection of just sunscreen alone. Medical literature also suggests that topical Vitamin C can reduce your risk of UV-induced skin cancer.

UVA and UVB rays can stress out skin, but Vitamin C can help neutralize this reaction - reducing skin irritation, irregular pigmentation, collagen breakdown and photoaging that results from sun damage. So, when is the best time to use Vitamin C serum? Start every summer day (and beyond!) with Vitamin C serum.

Combined with a physical sunscreen, Vitamin C serum is key to keeping your skin sun-safe during summer adventures.

Glow Get It

During the summer, I opt for daily usage of C Glow. The combo of vitamins in this serum provides potent protection against sun damage, prevents blackheads and clogged pores, lightens aging spots and acne scars and reduces wrinkles. Like I said – Vitamin C does it all.


Dr. Zoe


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