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A Guy’s Perspective on Botox for Men

Guys, I’ll get right to the point - you might need Botox too.

You’re probably thinking that Botox is just for women. Or it’s superficial. Or it’s just something dudes don’t do. Well, you’re wrong.

In fact, men are getting Botox now more than ever, and we have plenty of male patients coming in for Botox treatments at Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to come in for a Botox treatment yourself.

For starters, your significant other will appreciate it. I know Dr. Zoe appreciates the time and effort I dedicate to both staying in shape and keeping my skin looking young and healthy. Time and training inevitably leave their marks on both your body and face; while PFAM can’t fix your injuries (we can soon though, stay tuned!) Botox for men can help you get rid of those crows feet and forehead lines that come with years of focused grunting and scowling at heavy weights.

Dr. Karim Rafaat - Botox for Men

It can help your career. Multiple studies have shown that there are positive benefits to being attractive; people assume attractive people are more intelligent and trustworthy. Attractive people also tend to get paid better and get promoted faster. Seriously, there’s a book about it in addition to many years of well done research in the fields of behavioral economics and psychology.

But at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look younger. Aging is a fact of life. Even though we can’t stay young, we can at least appear young. And Botox for men is a very common, quick, and safe way to decrease signs of aging.

If Botox doesn’t seem like the right fit (it’s not for everyone), maybe a light chemical peel or microneedling can help you achieve a natural fresh look that you (and your partner) will appreciate. Personally, these are the options I choose when looking to lessen the dermatological effects of years on call and being beaten up while training Jiu-Jitsu.

Dr. Karim Rafaat - Botox for Men

Listen, you’re a guy. You’ll make your own decisions. But don’t let old school perceptions of what it means to be a “man” define how you should act. What’s important is that you feel good about yourself. And if looking good helps you get there, that’s ok. It doesn’t hurt to come in and start the conversation.

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About Dr. Rafaat:

Dr. Karim Rafaat is the newest member of the PFAMily. When he’s not practicing Jiu Jitsu or breaking a sweat in the garage gym, he’s practicing as a pediatric anesthesiologist or spending time with his own two little ones. He brings a male touch and embodies the look good, feel good vibe of Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Karim Rafaat is board certified in pediatrics, pediatric intensive care, anesthesia and pediatric anesthesia. He is certified in aesthetics by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. But his most notable achievement is, in fact, being the husband of PFAM owner, Dr. Zoe Rafaat. He sincerely hopes he can live up to both her standards and those of the whole PFAMily.

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