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What to Do After a Chemical Peel: Dr. Zoe's Aftercare Must-Haves and Tips

I often say that coming in for an excellent treatment but skimping on your skincare routine, is like going to the gym once a month and eating a poor diet every day.

Similarly, chemical peels are an excellent way to rejuvenate and reset your skin, but once you’ve removed that outermost surface layer of your skin (to reveal that buttery soft, smooth, dewy glow) what you do to maintain and support the results is the key to lasting results.

That’s why I’m sharing what to do after a chemical peel with tips and essentials. Ensure you are getting the most from your peel journey!

What to do after a chemical peel

What Not to Do After a Chemical Peel... 

Post chemical peel, what you don't put on your skin is almost as important as what you do. For the week after a peel, it’s important to keep skincare clean, dye-free, fragrance-free, paraben and dimethicone-free.

This Post Treatment Lineup makes it super easy to ensure you’ll have a smooth and easy recovery without the stress of wondering, “Will this be ok for my skin?”


Best aftercare products for your face chemical peel


Introduce 24k Gold Skin Care 

There are days when we need a little boost of hydrating comfort, especially right after resurfacing treatments, and it goes without saying that keeping your skin ultra hydrated post-peel is key!

The Gold Treatment, our 24K Gold and Collagen sheet mask, is like a tall drink of water for your skin – it not only provides comfort, but it leaves your skin plump, radiant and deeply nourished to keep that post-chemical peel skin glowing. It can be used day of or day after, depending on the type of peel or treatment you’ve had.

Proper post-peel skincare routine

How long after a chemical peel can I exfoliate?

Flaky, dry patches will slowly disappear post-peel, but they can always benefit from some extra gentle encouragement (do not pick or pull dry skin!). You will not believe how smooth gently circulating a konjac root fiber sponge like The Dew Puff will leave your skin!

It is even safe to use immediately after facial rejuvenating treatments like lasers, microneedling, and YES, chemical peels. The ideal time to incorporate the sponge is when the skin is starting to visibly flake.


How to hydrate your skin after a chemical peel

Hydrate Your Post-Peel Skin After 24 Hours

Either a nourishing and healing hyaluronic serum, such as Hyaluronic Plus or a do-it-all serum such as The One is key to layer on before your moisturizer every day. Either of these serums will strengthen the skin’s barrier, deeply hydrate, and help the skin retain moisture to help with post-peel dryness. The One Serum can be incorporated 24 hours after a chemical peel or microneedling.

For me, The One serum simplifies my routine so much because it leaves me hydrated, protected, and plump in just one step. It’s not only a must-have post-peel skincare essential, but I use it year round. This lightweight serum sends hydration deep into the skin, by way of hyaluronic acid, providing immediate comfort and lasting plumpness.

With consistent use, The One Serum will leave skin feeling supple and resilient due to its collagen-boosting properties, through winter months and beyond. There’s a reason why it's called The One Serum – it is as multitasking as they come!

 Apply sunscreen after chemical peel

Limit Sun Exposure After Your Chemical Peel

I’ll spend the least amount of time explaining this one, because I know you all know. 😉 Fresh skin is the most susceptible to sun damage, so it goes without saying that a fuss-free, chemical-free, sun protection is first and foremost when it comes to post-peel care (and really, year round).

If you’re looking for clean, organic, easy to apply sun protection that will keep you protected at home and on the go, be sure to visit our sun care essentials.

When to resume your normal skincare routine after a chemical peel

When to Resume Your Normal Skincare Regiment Post-Peel?

It's easy to go into cruise control post-peel when skin is feeling and looking brand new, but it's so much better to get right back into a solid routine with the essential actives (as soon as your skin is ready) to keep that fresh layer of the skin bright, resurfaced, and plump.

The Perfect Gift Bag is a full lineup containing essential actives to help maintain and prolong the effects of a chemical peel. This lineup can typically be started or resumed 7-10 days after application of your chemical peel.


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