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Perfect Jawline Treatments

Thanks to incredible advances in aesthetics, we have an array of non-surgical treatments to help improve your jawline. We can counteract the loss of deep fat and bony support that lead to the landslide of skin and soft tissue, collapsing inward and downward making us look sad, aged, and tired. Read on to learn how we can refresh your look by creating a defined, contoured and lifted jaw restoring youthfulness to your entire face!


Chin - Enhancing the chin can improve a double chin, balance a larger nose, minimize jowls and beautify the jawline and profile.

Jawline - As our jawbones shrink over time, we start to notice jowls and saggy necks with lack of definition and structure. Similar to chin filler, treatment of the jawline greatly improves the profile, minimizes jowls  and can even be effective in improving a double chin.

Jawline Filler


Often mistaken as a “filler”, this collagen-boosting biostimulator is injected into areas of the face that ultimately help to improve the jawline. By gradually increasing natural collagen Sculptra helps to restore lost facial volume and fullness. Clients love the natural, long-lasting results!


DAO (Mouth Corners) - The DAO muscle pulls down the corners of the mouth and the jowl area when you frown. Botox injections in this area can relax the muscle enough to prevent a ‘resting sad face’ and help to decrease sagging in the jowl area. 

Masseters (Chewing Muscle) - Botox can be used to slim down a bulky masseter muscle, creating facial slimming. This easy treatment also helps relieve facial tension and teeth grinding.

Mentalis (Chin) - The puckering or dimpling of the skin overlying the chin can be greatly minimized with Botox in this area. This treatment can also soften a deep chin crease and lengthen the chin which can improve the jawline and overall facial shape.

Platysmal bands (Neck) - These are the vertical bands of muscle that “pop” out of your neck when speaking or grimacing. Many of us don’t notice these bands until our 30s or 40s because these muscles actually increase in strength as we get older. Since the direction of their pull is downward, using botox here to relax that pull can improve jawline definition, minimize jowls and even decrease crepey skin of the neck.


An injectable that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin leading to a noticeable reduction in fullness, and improvement of both the jawline and profile. This injectable is a favorite for those noticing a “double chin”.


A game-changer for improving jawline definition and sagging of the submental (under the chin) area and neck skin. PDO threads are placed under the skin to reposition the tissue so it is tighter and more lifted. A fantastic way to achieve global rejuvenation of the face and neck.

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