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Perfect Skin For ‘I Do’ : Wedding Skincare Timeline

I love helping you get perfect skin no matter the occasion. But I will say, there’s something incredibly special about making the countdown to ‘I Do’ alongside my clients. Over time, I’ve developed a trusted protocol for the ultimate wedding skin planning and preparation, and around here we call it Wedding Skin Bootcamp. Whether you have 1 year to prep, or just 1 month, there’s something everyone can do to glow up for the big day.

Here’s my timeline for planning and achieving that perfect bridal glow.


1 Year Out: Wedding Planning – Skincare Lineup

Nothing (not even the best stand alone treatment) will transform your skin like dedication to a daily skincare lineup. The combination of potent actives and incredible supporting products creates a glow fit for a bride (or groom 😉). Even if you only do daily skincare to plan and prepare for your wedding, one year of dedication will yield unmatched results you’ll surely love. And if you can combine a year of daily wedding skincare with thoughtfully timed treatments? That is wedding skin preparation MAGIC.

Consultations are complimentary and can even be done remotely for our non-San-Diego-local clients. We can help you curate the perfect wedding skincare lineup for your big day.

Just send us an email with a set of makeup free photos and your skin dreams!

Before and After Best Skincare Routine

Wedding skincare before and after

Or, explore our curated lineups, designed to address specific skin concerns and skin dreams. Some of our favorites and most popular for bridal skin care include:

  • Change Is Coming - Our most active and rejuvenating ingredients curated into one skin-transforming lineup.
  • Let’s Glow - Tailored lineup that includes the most potent and effective ingredients for improving skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and stubborn melasma.
  • Get Clear Lineup - Acne clearing lineup that calms inflammation, balances the skin, reduces scarring, and prevents future breakouts.
  • Melasma Maintenance Lineup - A skincare lineup curated to maintain evenly-toned, glowing skin and prevent the return of stubborn melasma.


Planning 6 Months Before Wedding Skincare: Microneedling

IYKYK…this is my go-to for restoration, rejuvenation, and resurfacing. Get ready to reverse signs of aging, including discoloration that results from sunspots or melasma, reduce the appearance of pores, and improve texture, tightness, and brightness. Healing and strengthening the skin with this collagen stimulating treatment will uplevel the results of every product and treatment you use to boost your wedding glow.

Microneedling is a highly customizable treatment, with options ranging from traditional microneedling to radiofrequency microneedling, and add-on’s like our Protein Rich Retinol Peel, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and Melanostop Depigmentation System. Explore our Microneedling Rundown blog to learn more about what options might best fit your bridal skincare plan.

Before and After Microneedling

Microneedling before and after

Starting 6 months out allows for the optimal series of 3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.


Planning 3 Months Before Wedding Skincare: Filler

Wedding skin prepWith skincare and microneedling addressing the health of skin (both at and beneath the surface), filler is a treatment that allows for more aesthetic shaping, contouring and balancing. Filler is often used to accentuate and perfect the shape of lips, cheeks, and the chin.

With cutting edge advancements in aesthetics, there are also filler alternatives that make for a natural wedding day glow. Skin boosting threads (as well as PRF injections mentioned in the next step) can also be used to enhance your natural beauty and get your skin wedding ready.

I find this step can be one of the most confidence-inducing as the excitement, joy, and love starts to shine through your perfect face!


Planning 2 Months Before Wedding Skincare: PRF and Chemical Peel

Wedding skin prep

This combo is wedding day magic! PRF stimulates the body’s natural regenerative abilities to thicken, smooth, and plump up the skin (basically creating a glow from the inside out). PRF injections are most popularly performed in the under eye area for subtle, natura skin plumping volume, and improvement of crepey, dark skin.



Before and After Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel before and after

A chemical peel will help rejuvenate the surface of the skin so that all your efforts beneath the surface of the skin really start to show through! As the countdown gets real PRF + Chemical Peel will improve complexion and texture while revealing plump and healthy skin.


Planning 1 Month Before Wedding Skincare: Botox

Wedding skin prep

It wouldn’t be a PFAM skincare plan without Botox! For ideal results, plan your Botox 1 month before the big day. Doing so will allow your Botox glow to “peak” for the wedding day, while also giving us space to make any necessary touch ups (you know we’re going for perfection 😉).




Before and After Botox

Botox before and after

Just like dedication to skincare yields best possible results, regularly timed Botox will make that last round of Botox look as amazing as it possibly can. Try to stick with treatment every 90 days leading up to your final pre-wedding injection 4 weeks out from the big day.


Planning 2 Weeks Before Wedding Skincare: AquaGold SuperFacial

Wedding skin prep

This treatment is always our recommendation for a final ‘zsush’ pre-big event. Aquagold is a customized cocktail of botox, filler, skin brightening vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid blended and stamped into the superficial layer of the skin. It creates that ‘filter-like’ effect without the filter. The stunning results take 2 weeks to peak and with basically zero downtime make this the best treatment to save for last. The ultimate bridal SUPER facial.

I can’t wait to see you at your most confident and beautiful after all the planning and preparation that comes with a wedding. If you have any questions about adapting PFAM’s perfect wedding skin timeline for you, schedule your complimentary consultation to meet with one of our expert providers.


Wedding skincare

Let’s love your perfect the whole way to the aisle,

Dr. Zoe

Wedding skincare timeline

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