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All Things Cosmelan Peel With Before and After Photos

Melasma, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration are all at once extremely common, annoyingly stubborn, and very tricky to treat. There’s a seemingly endless amount of products on the market that promise smooth, glowy skin. Many of which don’t seem to put a dent in dark melasma spots. And equally important, many products don’t support a sustainable glow that you can keep loving.

If your skin dream is evenly toned, smooth, bright and glowy skin, melasma does not make that impossible. Among all the treatment options out there, this is our PFAMily (not so) secret to resurfacing the skin and revealing your perfect.

 Cosmelan MD

What is the Cosmelan MD peel?

Cosmelan MD is a depigmentation treatment mask followed by a 90 day at-home protocol targeting discoloration using a unique combination of active ingredients with proven efficacy that attack pigment on multiple pathways. During the first day of treatment, the Cosmelan mask is worn for about 8 hours. The remaining days of the 90 day protocol involve daily application of additional Cosmelan products.

You can follow along for the entire Cosmelan protocol with lifestyle influencer Angela Jones’s melasma journey vlog. Prepare to be wowed by her stunning results of this hyperpigmentation chemical peel before and after.

Cosmelan Protocol

This three-month treatment is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. The treatment has a peeling effect that ultimately eliminates melanin patches on the face resulting from melasma and inhibits the formation of new spots.

Hyperpigmentation Chemical Peel Before and After

Cosmelan Before and After

Explore more Cosmelan Peel before and after transformations here.


Why is Cosmelan MD a PFAM-favorite treatment for stubborn melasma?

In addition to the consistently stunning results, Cosmelan MD is an easy to apply treatment done in the comfort of your own home. Application is not painful and downtime is associated with approximately two weeks of redness, sensitivity, peeling, and mild swelling.

For most clients, the disappearance of blemishes improves by 95% with results of smooth, glowing skin after only one application of the peel. This is in large part due to the combination of corrective action happening at the surface of the skin (renewing the outer layer of skin where melanin has accumulated into dark spots) and regulatory action happening beneath the surface (altering and blocking the production of melanin before it ever appears on the surface).

Cosmelan Treatment

Cosmelan MD is also one of the few melasma treatments that is proven safe and effective on ethnic skin, often one of the most difficult to treat skin types. Cosmelan MD has a long track record of excellent clinical results in all types of skin, hyperpigmentations and ethnicities with over 1 million patients treated worldwide since its development in Spain in 2002.


How much does Cosmelan MD cost?

The financial commitment for the Cosmelan MD treatment is $900. This includes consultation(s), adjustments to treatment plan, and close follow up with your provider to ensure proper maintenance. 

The best way to save money on melasma treatments is to start with the true gold standard, and not spend time or money on various products that ultimately don't deliver the results you're dreaming about. 

After treating hundreds of clients with Cosmelan MD, in our opinion no other melasma treatment produces as effective an outcome. In fact, many of our clients have spent a lot of time and money trying other products and treatments before their journey finally led them to commit to Cosmelan MD. 

And if you're wondering if Cosmelan MD peel is included in our Perfect Vault membership pricing, the answer is YES. 

Hyperpigmentation Chemical Peel Before and After

Cosmelan Before and After

Can I purchase Cosmelan MD online? Where can I find a chemical peel near me?

Due to the precise prescription formulation, potency, and ratio of active ingredients in Cosmelan MD by XTETIC, it must be prescribed and used under the supervision of a medical provider. 

Consumers are advised to steer away from "copy cat" products sold online that claim to be Cosmelan (or equivalent), as these products are not regulated, ingredients are not guaranteed, and can even be unsafe due to their doubtful origin. 

XCTETIC is the only authorized distributor of the MESOESTETIC laboratory for the United States and has been for 20 years. There is no direct-to-consumer replicas available. 

Does the Cosmelan peel help with sun spot removal?

The quality, consistency, and ratios of the active ingredients in authentic Cosmelan MD are what make it the gold standard treatment for tackling dark spots, discoloration, and pigmentation - there are no shortcuts available online that effectively duplicate true Cosmelan results. So, yes—Cosmelan helps with sun spot removal.

Book a consultation if you’re looking for ways to find this chemical peel near me.

Hyperpigmentation Chemical Peel Before and After

Cosmelan Before and After

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Cosmelan peel treatment?

If you struggle with melasma and discoloration (of any kind), you’re probably all too familiar with how tricky it can be to treat. For that reason, melasma should be addressed on a case by case basis to ensure best possible results.

Cosmelan MD is one of our most tried and true, favorite ways to treat melasma at PFAM. If you’re interested in trying Cosmelan, we do require a consultation to ensure this treatment will support your skin dreams and give you the results you want.

Similarly, we use Cosmelan MD as a sun spot removal treatment. Book a consultation to see if it’s the best treatment for you.

Consultations are available both online and in person. Consultations in our La Jolla, San Diego office can be booked online. To start the virtual consultation process, send an email to with your skin concerns, goals, and a few makeup-free photos.

If you are curious about melasma and how we treat it with a combination of daily skincare and medical treatments (including Cosmelan), visit our Tackling Melasma blog to learn more.

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