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3 Perfect Places for the "New Injectable" of Aesthetics, PDO Threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are the talk of the town and people are buzzing that threads are the “new injectable” in the world of aesthetics. I say it’s for very good reason!

At PFAM you know we’re all about highlighting and enhancing YOUR perfect. And threads are quickly becoming one of our go-to ways of doing that: restoring youthful proportions and boosting natural collagen production to contour, lift, and rejuvenate the skin. They provide instant results (that only get better with time) and require minimal downtime and discomfort.

For clients with skin dreams of looking younger and getting bright and glowy, PDO threads might be a perfect match for your goals. Especially when treating these areas where we find PDO threads deliver some of the best skin-transforming results.

Lower Face and Jowls

PDO Threads Jowls

Let’s start by answering the question, how do PDO threads work?

PDO threads are made from an absorbable material that is proven to increase collagen and elastin production (they had me at collagen...but there’s more!), thicken skin, improve texture, balance facial shape, and give the skin an overall youthful boost.

We have two main ways of treating with PDO threads, the first of which is one of the best answers to crepey, sagging skin in the cheek and mouth area, Skin Boosting Threads. As we lose collagen in this area, gravity begins to make itself known (if you know what I mean). And while sometimes filler may be necessary to bring volume back to the cheeks and provide a foundation for the upper face, the skin in the lower face may still remain thin with loss of elasticity. That’s where Skin Boosting PDO Threads come in. These smooth threads are precisely inserted in these areas to naturally thicken the skin and bring subtle volume to the area.

Just look at the before and after of our client below. We used a combination of lifting threads in the mid and lower face to reposition the skin and soft tissue, plus Skin Boosting Threads in her laugh lines, chin, corners of the mouth and even the lip border. We achieved subtle volume enhancement in the folds of her lower face without looking overdone and completely transformed the texture or the skin there. What a beautiful transformation!

PDO Threads Before and After


Temples and Brows

The temples and brows can begin to slide with age as well. With aging, we lose the deeper fat pads supporting the face, and bone resorption occurs as well, leading to a hollowing of the temple area and a downward shift of the brows. We can replace subtle volume very safely in the temporal areas with the use of Skin Boosting Threads. This helps to balance facial symmetry, restore the youthful inverted triangle shape of a youthful face and even support a dropping brow.

PDO Threads Before and After

The second way we treat with PDO threads is a Thread Lift, and we’re all about the age-defying shape that is possible around the brow line with this treatment. These threads are still collagen boosting as they dissolve over time, but they are unique in that they have little barbs or hooks that anchor underneath the skin when inserted so that as the thread is lifted into place, the skin and soft tissues are lifted as well. The threads then not only boost collagen, but they also strengthen the skin to remain in this new lifted shape.

PDO Thread Lift

When treating the temples and brows, we highlight your face's natural shape and bring out the unique perfection already there! It’s all about rejuvenation and the amazing collagen boost that makes it last.

Neck and Jawline

We often don’t think about preventing aging in the neck until we notice significant aging in the neck. This is so unfortunate, because a smooth, firm, contoured neck and jaw can be so confidence-inducing and age-defying!

PDO Threads Neck

For this reason, I love treating the neck area.. And I especially love treating the neck with a combination of lifting and smooth skin boosting PDO threads. The neck is an area where loss of elasticity and structure in the skin leads to the look of aging. It’s not an area that needs to be filled with volume, it’s an area where the skin needs to be thick, strong, and lifted.

Speaking from my own neck transformation, threads will get you feeling so good inside and out. The neck is truly an extension of the face, so we should feel just as fresh and rejuvenated there!

PDO Threads Before and After

A huge part of my passion for aesthetics stems from its creative nature and PDO threads really align with that element of creativity. Each face is a beautifully unique canvas and together we artistically bring out your perfect. The experience of getting threads is completely customized to fit your skin...and your skin dreams. And that’s another reason I love this treatment so much, it’s completely customizable.

If you have any questions about how this treatment might work with your goals or benefit your specific areas of concern, schedule a thread consultation to learn more from one of our incredible PFAM providers.

We’re here to help you shine,

Dr. Zoe

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