Liquid Gold

Glow restoring serum that boosts collagen to bring back your skin’s elasticity, bounce, and brilliance.

Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine - PFAM La Jolla - Liquid Gold
Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine - PFAM La Jolla - Liquid Gold
Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine - PFAM La Jolla - Liquid Gold Hover

Liquid Gold

Glow restoring serum that boosts collagen to bring back your skin’s elasticity, bounce, and brilliance.

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Restore your skin’s elasticity, bounce and brilliance using this intensive collagen accelerator.

  • Contains very high levels of retinol that accelerate skin cell turnover and boost collagen production.
  • Liquid Gold acts as a booster to your current skincare regimen with use 1-2 times per week only.
  • This serum is NOT meant for daily.  
  • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Available as a mini in the Serum Sampler


Liquid Gold earned it’s name after my first go with it. I couldn’t believe how soft, smooth and refined my skin looked the next morning.

Consider being stabilized on a nightly retinol prior to use. Use Liquid Gold (instead of your nightly retinol) 1-2 times per week at night only. After cleansing and drying your face, use a thin layer of X5 OR a misting spray of Balancing Toner to promote better penetration of the Liquid Gold (optional step). Then, apply approximately 1 dropper full to cover the face. Do not put anything on top. Think of it like a mask that stays on all night. In the morning, be sure to cleanse your face.

Depending on how your skin responds, you may want to have 1-2 nights of moisturizer only following Liquid Gold use (i.e. no retinol those nights). Enriched Biotherapy is my moisturizer of choice here.

If you have any questions, email me for further advice on how to best use this product for your needs.

Other Uses

Use Liquid Gold to give yourself a skin-smoothing, pigment-fading DIY at home chemical peel similar to that of a light to medium-depth professional grade chemical peel. Theoretically, regular nightly use of a retinol, like Perfect Change Serum, is like giving your skin mini peels over and over. However, you’re using it in a way to keep dryness to a minimum so you can tolerate it daily and reap all the benefits.

By using Liquid Gold two nights in a row, you can achieve the results of a professional grade chemical peel for brighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin, not to mention the huge collagen boost which is a miracle for aging skin.

Here’s how it would look:

  • Night 1: Liquid Gold
  • Night 2: Liquid Gold
  • Night 3: Moisturizer
  • Night 4: Moisturizer
  • Night 5: Moisturizer 
  • Night 6: Moisturizer 
  • Night 7: Moisturizer 
  • Night 8: Return to nightly retinol product if skin is done peeling.

Typically, peeling may begin 2 days after your 2nd night of Liquid Gold. Until then, skin may feel dry and tight. By day 7 or 8, most of the visible peeling will likely be gone and you will see the new healthier skin revealed. Keep your lineup to a minimum during this time with just a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and of course SPF. If you still have some light flaking past this time, use a chemical exfoliating wash or serum, like Active Cleanse or X5, to help promote removal of visible dead skin cells. The Dewpuff is also great during this time.

You can perform this DIY chemical peel using Liquid Gold every 4 weeks or so as needed. The best part is you get to choose when you do it.

A note about SPF: it should be worn every day no matter what, even if you work inside all day. The new fresh skin that is revealed after peeling is particularly vulnerable to UV rays.

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