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We’re well past the days where life and location should get in the way of perfect skin! Now more than ever, there’s no need to travel to us, or take time away from work, childcare, or school. Sometimes, you can even be seen and get started on an amazing skincare lineup quicker, if joining online is more convenient.

How to book a consultation.

To book a consultation with Dr. Zoe or our other PRFCT providers, please call us at 858-230-2876 or send us an email. We want to be fully prepared so you get the most out of your consultation! Whether you book by phone, or email, please let us know the following information:

  • How do you feel about your skin, what do you love, and what are you hoping to improve?
  • 3 makeup free photos – front facing and each side view
  • Are you currently using any prescriptions or products that you absolutely do not want to remove from your routine?

Once we have received your request, our team will contact you to arrange a time for your consultation. We also ask for a small deposit for virtual consultations that will be used towards any skincare/treatment purchase within 60 days. The consultation deposit is $75.

Details, details...

Rest assured, each session is private and no video information is stored. And to ensure privacy, every consult takes place in a secure private room on our end. Once we have you booked, you’ll receive a secure link to the virtual consultation that is run on a secure medical platform.

Just like a regular in-person consultation, we can chat about injectables, and virtually any treatment...or we can design your very own tailored (clean, active, powerful) skincare lineup. We can even prescribe and directly ship to you a chemical peel, or the incredible Cosmelan treatment to tackle melasma, dark spots, and other types of hyperpigmentation!

Appointments are 20 minutes. Our goal is to make you feel at home (literally) so feel comfortable to ask any questions you have. We’ll figure out the rest together, and you’ll leave with answers, clarifications, and a plan forward! If you decide on a treatment or skincare lineup, your deposit is fully put towards it.

We can’t wait to see YOU!


Dr. Zoe

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