Post-Perfect IV Therapy Treatment

  • Keep IV therapy site wrapped in coban dressing for 20-30 minutes to avoid bruising
  • If bruising is present, ice packs and elevating the arm can be helpful.
  • Swelling or redness should not be present after 24 hours and could be a sign of an infection. Contact the San Diego office or your provider if this is the case.
  • Post IV infusion symptoms are extremely rare. We still encourage you to drink plenty of water after your infusion.

What Are the Benefits of Perfect IV Therapy? 

Most people will experience a general improvement in:

  • Energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Overall feeling of well being

Positive results will be apparent right away for some ailments such as jet lag, or a hangover. But in other cases, it might take multiple sessions to really feel a change. The number and frequency of IV vitamin and hydration infusions depends on multiple factors and can be discussed with your provider but may include:

  • Physical activity level
  • Response to treatments
  • Condition being treated

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