You may not be a good candidate for this treatment if:

  • If you are prone to cold sores, please make sure the office or your provider is aware. You will require a prescription medication to decrease the risk of a breakout.
  • History of Melasma or skin type VI
  • History of active bacterial or fungal infection, active cold sore, compromised immune system, or uncontrolled Diabetes
  • History of facial filler or toxin treatment in the past 2 weeks
  • Untreated active rosacea
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Accutane within the last 6-12 months
  • Other lasers or peels in the past 4 weeks
  • Use of tanning bed, self-tanning products in the last 3 weeks (this causes an increased risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation).
  • Recent sunburn, or excessive sun exposure within the past 3-4 weeks
  • Cancer treatment within the past 12 months
  • History of healing disorders

      Pre-Treatment Instructions: 

      • Drink at least 64 oz of water per day for 2 days prior to treatment
      • Stop any topical actives 3 days prior to your treatment. These include: retin-A/retinols, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and hydroquinone.
      • Minimal sun exposure prior to treatment is advised. Use a daily physical SPF for 2 weeks prior to treatment. Wear a physical mineral SPF 30 or higher every day. 
      • A prescription skin prep protocol may be recommended by your provider 2-4 weeks prior to your treatment, especially important for darker skin types. This will help to not only enhance your results, but to decrease the risk of PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, a darkening of the skin). Please discuss this with your provider. It may include a combination of hydroquinone pads and retinol. 
      • Bring a hat and sunglasses to your appointment

      What to expect after treatment:

      • The day of your treatment your skin will be red with possible swelling. A sunburn sensation can last 1-2 hours and the skin may feel very tight. 
      • A post care kit will be available that includes an ultra-gentle foaming wash, Phyto Multi-Correction Serum, Skin Protectant Ointment, and a Lipid Replenishing Sof Cream. 
      • Only mineral SPF should be used post treatment 30 SPF or higher.
      • Day 1-3: Use of cleanser and occlusive ointment only.
      • On day 4: Begin the Phyto Serum, Lipid Cream and mineral SPF. 
      • Mild peeling can occur, similar to the effects of a sunburn. Do not pick peeling skin as it may lead to scarring.
      • Makeup should be avoided until skin is healed. Typically day 5-7. 
      • You may return to exercise on day 4. 
      • While healing, do not use any products on your skin that have not already been approved by your provider.  


            Expectations Following Treatment

            • Mild erythema (redness) will be present in the treatment area and can last from a few hours up to a few days. Immediately following the procedure, you will experience a mild sunburn sensation that may include some mild discomfort for 1-2 hours. Most people do not feel any significant discomfort, but if necessary Tylenol can be used.     
            • Swelling is common and can last for a few days. 
            • A few days post procedure, some people will experience mild peeling of the skin. The peeling is similar to the effects of sunburn. Continue to follow the skin care protocol offered by your provider. Do not pick at the peeling skin, as it may lead to scarring.

            General Skincare 

            • Proper skin care is important to protect the new refreshed skin. Post care kits are available at the office and include: ultra-gentle foaming cleanser, Skin Protective Ointment, Phyto Multi-Correction Serum, and a Lipid Replenishing Soft Cream. 
            • Day 1-3: Use cleanser and occlusive ointment only. Do not let the skin get dry. Reapply ointment as needed (with clean hands). 
            • Day 4: You can begin to use the Phyto Serum, Lipid Cream, and a mineral SPF 30 or higher (zinc and/or titanium dioxide >10%).
            • Day 5: ok to return to makeup if skin is healed.

            Post-Treatment Instructions:

            • Avoid direct sun exposure.
            • Drink 64 oz of water per day. 
            • Treat the area gently. Pat skin dry after bathing or showering. 
            • Avoid shaving the treated area for 48-hours after the procedure. 
            • Exercise can be resumed day 4. 
            • Wear a wide-brim hat, sunglasses and mineral SPF whenever outside. Skin will be more sensitive to the sun.  
            • Change your pillowcase and sleep with your head elevated for a couple of days. 
            • Contact your provider if there is any sign of blistering or infection. 
            • Shower as usual but be aware that the treated area may be a little temperature sensitive. 
            • Avoid chlorine, hot tubs, saunas and swimming pools during the treatment program.            
            • Avoid the use of exfoliants, loofah sponges and aggressive scrubbing to the treated areas. 
            • Resume regular skincare and actives (retinols/hydroquinone) day 7-10 when skin feels back to baseline.

            Please call us at 858-230-2876 if you have any questions or concerns. 

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